Wednesday Creature Feature ~ September 20, 2017

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As everyone knows Paul is a huge advocate for all animals. With that being said here at PWC we are starting a new weekly post that will be all about animals. This will be in a newsletter format so that you can read through to find interesting articles, pictures, and videos. This first newsletter will be a themed post regarding the animals of the recent hurricanes.  

This is just another way to way to bring awareness to a cause that means a lot to Paul. I have wanted to do this for sometime but I just didn’t have the time. So I would like to thank my friend Chelsea who stepped up to the plate and said she would love to do this! We are a work in progress so bear with us and I hope you enjoy what Chelsea put together.  ~ Cindy

Wednesday Creature Feature
September 20, 2017

Times Have Changed For Animal Rescues In Natural Disasters

When Hurricane Katrina hit mostly likely no one was worried about their pets or maybe they were but there were not as many means to help them be rescued. Now here we are in 2017 and we are seeing pets becoming priority in these natural disasters. Every day people, strangers to these animals, are going out of their way to rescue them. Hurricane Harvey and Irma have proven to be a force of nature but not even these hurricanes can beat human kindness. Watch these heartwarming animal rescue videos by clicking here.

LIVE: We’re on a boat rescuing animals in Beaumont, Texas!

Posted by The Humane Society of the United States on Saturday, September 2, 2017

WATCH: Our Animal Rescue Team is out on a boat in Dickinson, T…

WATCH: Our Animal Rescue Team is out on a boat in Dickinson, Texas

Posted by The Humane Society of the United States on Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Horses Count Too!

Usually when we think of pets in these situations we think of cats and dogs but we can’t forget about our bigger pets like horses. I recently saw a video of a couple of people who have an organization called Horses That Help, they help get to the root and break down physical, mental, and emotional barriers – essentially with therapy horses. These wonderful people were worried about their 8 horses so they brought them inside. Yes, inside their home! They kept changing their evacuation plan, or well their plan on how to ride out the storm, because its path kept changing.

Riding out #Irma with 8 horses in our concrete block living room! 16 hours in, not sure how many more to go! #HorsesThatHelp #donottrythisathome 😂

Posted by Horses That Help on Sunday, September 10, 2017

Greyhound Dogs Put At Risk During “IRMA”

The Humane Society released a story about the tracks in Florida had over 5,000 dogs in their kennels without evacation plans.

The Humane Society of the United States has been doing preparedness work and animal transports and evacuations in Florida, and is preparing for search-and-rescue and additional transports after Hurricane Irma hits.  But The HSUS and GREY2K USA today issued serious concerns about the failure of the greyhound racing industry – which is highly concentrated in Florida – to do proper preparedness, potentially putting thousands of dogs at risk in the state.

The HSUS and GREY2K USA yesterday received a report that there are 700 greyhounds at a single kennel in Miami-Dade County, and that the Florida Greyhound Association, whose members own the dogs, had no plans for evacuation, even if a Category 5 storm was heading straight for it.

Click here to read full story.

*Orlando Sentinel also brought up concerns in a story about the Greyhounds – Click here to read.

Take Them With You!

Please remember, the most important things you can do as an animal owner is, 1. Give them a loving home with food and 2. ALWAYS include them in your evacuation plan! Most shelters have changed their policies to include animals. If not your local animal shelter can help you locate a safe place for your pet in case of a disaster.

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