Wednesday Creature Feature ~ September 9, 2020



Botswana Investigates ‘mysterious deaths’ of 275 Elephants!

Botswana is investigating a high number of elephant deaths. Poaching still remains a huge threat in the area but that seems to have been ruled out.

This is “one of the biggest disasters to impact elephants this century, and right in the middle of one of Africa’s top tourism destinations,” the director of conservation group National Park Rescue, Mark Hiley, said in an email.

“Elephants began dying in huge numbers in early May and the government would normally respond within days to an event of this scale. Yet here we are, months later, with no testing completed and with no more information than we had at the start.”

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Centerville Lifts Ban on Pit Bulls!

The town of Centerville, IN has sent out a survey asking their residents if they wanted them to end the pit bull ban. Unfortunately most residents did not want the ban to be lifted but the town council decided to lift the ban anyways. Residents may now own pit bulls but it may just require some insurance. Click here to learn more about this ban.

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