Wednesday Creature Feature ~ September 5, 2018



Better off Alive! 

As coyotes have spread across the Unites States there has been an increase in killing contests. They receive points based on how old the animal is, how big, and how many they kill. One of the “contestants” spoke of finding a den and killing pups while they were asleep. This is a senseless and heinous act. Please click here to read more and take action!

Unregulated Market for Giraffe Parts….

An investigation led by the HSUS and the HS International found giraffe parts and products that are being sold all over the United States by at least 51 dealers. Giraffes are quietly going extinct with there being fewer than 100,000 left in the wild. President of the HSUS and HS International stated that the giraffes were being used for fashion, knife handles, home decor, and trinkets and a giraffe taxidermy can go for as much as $8,000. On average there is 1 giraffe a day being imported into the U.S. by trophy hunters to be sold. My question is, how are they allowing or getting these animals into the country?! Click here to read more!

Meet Ben!

We rescued Ben from a property in Jones county, Mississippi. He was severely emaciated when we found him. He is now happily recovering with one of our shelter partners, awaiting his forever home. See Ben’s journey!










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