Wednesday Creature Feature ~ September 4, 2019


Kentucky Doberman Headed South to help Rescue those in Need!

A woman in Kentucky has been breeding dobermans for more than pets but to be rescue animals. Each one of them has a different job. They can be used to find human remains or for protection.

“When you take a dog that has problem solving skills and put them into a disaster situation they are going to figure out how to get to that person very easily,” she said.

The Doberman is the only dog of his kind in the country to be certified as a live find disaster specialist.

As Hurricane Dorian is hitting the South we are going to need hero’s both human and animal alike. Click here to learn more.

Woman Shelters nearly 100 Dogs in her Home as Hurricane Dorian hit Bahamas!

Chella Phillips took in 97 dogs as Hurricane Dorian was about to hit the Bahamas. Not much has been reported since hearing about this but she did say that all of the dogs have been behaving well and getting along. Click here to read the story and see her Facebook.


(In the coming weeks we will try to report on animal news and ways you can help them in regards to the Hurricane.)

Bear the Ferret! 






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