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Baby Bonanza: Columbus Zoo announces births of 5 animals!

The Columbus has announced the birth of five new animal babies. These consist of a giraffe, a sea lion, two red pandas, and a gibbon.

A baby siamang was born on May 29 to mother Olga and father Rashid.

The sex and name for the baby are yet to be determined.

Siamangs are the loudest and largest species of gibbon, known as a lesser or small ape.

All of these pictures are the cutest we have ever seen. Click here to learn more.

National Park Service: Don’t move the rocks in Smokies streams!

This might be more of a nature post rather than animal but it does greatly affect the wildlife in the area. The National Park Service has given an advisory in TN to not move the rocks to stack them or otherwise move them in any manner because it can mess with the waterways and salamanders in the water.

The Park Service on its Facebok page said making dams or aligning rocks can hurt critters like the Hellbender, which live under the water.

“Species, like the Hellbender, can’t afford to wait years and years for a river to return to normal.”

It’s better just to leave rocks in the streams and creeks as the park’s millions of annual visitors find them. Nature can take care of itself, according to the Park Service.

It might make a pretty picture but when it comes to rivers and creeks do not mess with the rocks. Click here to learn more.

Three Bears Look For Food! 







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