Wednesday Creature Feature ~ September 12, 2018


Another Blue Whale Killed! 

In early July it was reported that an endangered Blue whale was killed by a whaling company in Iceland. This company has previously killed 21 whales in which they do NOT have a permit to kill for export. The whaling crew even posed for pictures atop the whale. Blue whales and Fin whales are supposed to be protected by law.

Then Loftsson ordered his crew to butcher the whale just like it was another Fin whale – the meat, skin, blubber and bone all now mixed in with the Fin whales previously caught, which will make it difficult or impossible to locate during potential inspections by the authorities.

Click here to learn more and see pictures (warning: may be too graphic for some).

Operation Siracusa!

This operation is now in its fifth year of defending, protecting, and fighting for this wonderful ecosystem. By promptly reporting and documenting illegal fishing they have been able to put a huge dent into poaching this year!

Sea Shepherd Italy’s Operation Siracusa has 42 volunteers committed to the conservation and protection of sea urchins and dusky groupers in the Plemmirio Marine Park. These volunteers work together with local law enforcement agencies such as the Financial Police (Guardia di Finanza), the Coast Guard, the Carabinieri, the State Police (Polizia di Stato), the Environmental Police (Polizia Ambientale), the Polizia Provinciale, and the Park Authority (Ente Parco).

Click here to learn more!

Goat Babies in Pajamas! 

Have you ever wanted to see a baby goat in pajamas? Well here is your chance! Enjoy!











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