Wednesday Creature Feature ~ October 9, 2019


Animals Rescued from Squalid Kennel in Middleborough!

Twenty-four animals were rescued by police, animal control, and animal rescuers near Boston.

Animals were found living in poorly ventilated, unsanitary, cruel and dangerous conditions, the ARL said.

Most of the animals were dogs but some that were found were a peacock, donkey, and birds. After the animals are treated they will be put up for adoption. Click here to read more.

New Airbnb Excursions to Focus on Animals!

Airbnb has become quite a popular site to use when traveling or trying to find something new to do even in your own city. They have found that most of their more popular experiences since launching the experience part of their site is those that involve animals.

We realized people want to reconnect with animals,” said Mikel Freemon, the head of animals at Airbnb Experiences. “We wanted to fulfill that urge in a responsible way.

This comes at a time when humans really need to connect with animals more. Airbnb does have policies in place to make sure the animals and humans are both safe and respected. Click here to find out more.

After 13 Years ~ Finds her Forever Home!





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