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Fish and Game Official Resigns After Photos of Game He Killed Surfaced! (warning: content may be too graphic for some)

An Idaho Fish and Game commissioner has come under fire after posting pictures of a family of baboons and other animals that he killed on a fishing trip. He had emailed friends and coworkers the picture below of him posing with the game (content may be too graphic). He bragged of killing other animals like a leopard as well. Finally a group of former commissioners called for his resignation.

Steve Alder, executive director of Idaho For Wildlife, a pro-hunting group, told KBOI that Fischer’s hunts were despicable. “What bothers me is he’s got the family there and a little baby baboon sitting there with blood all over it, kind of like in the mother’s arms,” Alder said. “You just don’t do this. It’s just not something. We don’t want to put out to the public and many of us wouldn’t even do this in the first place.”

This is one of the most disgraceful acts and then posing with the game afterwards? And with his job title? We chose not to post the picture of the family of baboons. Click here to read more.

7 Things to Make Halloween Safer for Your Pet! 

  1. Don’t feed your pets candy especially if it contains a sugar substitute called xylitol.
  2. Make sure your pet can be identified. Whether this is a collar with a tag or micro-chipped. This is all in case they escape while trick or treaters are at the door.
  3. Keep lit candles and jack-o-lanterns out of reach from your pet for obvious reasons.
  4. If you are putting a costume on your pet make sure it fits properly and is not too snug. Make sure it also does not have small pieces that can be chewed off and choked on. Pets are much like small children they must be watched closely and cared for equally.
  5. Keep harmful glow sticks away from pets. Most are non-toxic but if swallowed it can make pets salivate excessively.
  6. If your pet is not used to strangers and could possibly bite, put them somewhere safe. This can be inside if you are giving away candy on your porch or in another room.
  7. Lastly do not feed your pet chocolate! If they get a hold of it make sure you take them to the veterinarian as soon as possible. Click here for source.

Funny Pets React to Halloween! 

#Halloween is the best time! These are some of the funniest clips of pets we could find! Is your pet dressing up for Halloween???

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