Wednesday Creature Feature ~ October 21, 2020


The Fort Wayne Kid’s Zoo Welcomes New Baby Giraffe!

A few weeks ago in Fort Wayne, Indiana a baby giraffe was born at the children’s zoo. At birth the giraffe weighed in at 134 pounds and 6 feet tall.

The Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo is now home to a herd of seven reticulated giraffe: five females and two males.

This is mom Faye’s second calf. Her first calf, Thabisa was born in November. Mom and baby will remain behind scenes for a few weeks as introductions with the rest of the herd are made.

This baby giraffe is the newest ambassador for wild giraffes in Africa. Click here to read more.

More Sightings of rare White Ravens on Vancouver Island!

A rare white raven has been spotted on a beach this summer on Vancouver Island. The ravens are said to be leucistic, which not considered albino but rather have no pigment at all. They most likely have a genetic defect which causes their natural color to be diluted.

He hasn’t seen the white raven this year but has been documenting and photographing the strange corvids since 2007. Although there was a report of a white raven in Haida Gwaii more than 30 years ago, Yip said the central Island birds are unique.

Click here to read more.

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