Wednesday Creature Feature ~ October 16, 2019


Hippo and Hyena Touch Noses in Rare Encounter!

It was a typical drive through Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park for Patrick when all of a sudden he and some lucky tourists saw an amazing sight.

The hyena didn’t run and both started sniffing each other, nose to nose, almost like kissing,” Njobvu, the head guide at Shenton Safaris, told National Geographic by email. For almost 20 minutes, the young animals hung out together, touching noses, with the hyena rolling on its back at one point. “It was very strange indeed,” he says.

This is a really amazing article to read. We encourage you to take a look at it here.

California Becomes First State To Ban Fur Trapping!

California signed a bill on Wednesday that will make it illegal to trap animals or sell their fur. This makes them the first state to do so.

“Historically, fur trapping played a significant role in the extirpation of wolves and wolverines and the severe declines in sea otters, fishers, marten, beaver, and other fur-bearing species in California,” the bill states. “Because individual trappers concentrate their operations in limited geographical areas, they can locally deplete populations of the species they target, impairing the ecological functioning of the area and diminishing opportunities for wildlife watching in these areas.”

Trappers usually strangle, shoot, or beat the animals to death. California has an annual number of around 500 licenses for trapping animals. But this will only be for mice, gophers, rats, moles, and voles now. Click here to learn more.

Cheetah Cubs Meet their New Dog Best Friend!





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