Wednesday Creature Feature ~ October 11, 2017

#JoinTheHerd – Ivory No More!

Want to hear something crazy? Between 2010 and 2012, up to 33,000 elephants were poached and killed for their tusks and in the last 100 years 95% of the elephant population has been killed. This is a terrible trade just to have some nice accessories and it must be stopped!

In Massachusetts legislators are waiting to hear a testimony on whether a bill will be passed to stop the sale of ivory and rhino horns. While they were waiting some results from an undercover investigation raised some serious concerns about the lack of laws in this area. The lack of laws could be leading to the illegal trade of these precious animal horns.

Some of the findings the HSUS found were that:

Nearly 700 ivory items were for sale by 64 vendors in Massachusetts stores, an auction, outdoor markets, and an antique festival!

One seller offered tips for smuggling ivory out of the country, including wearing it or claiming it as bone

Other sellers offered to write misleading information onto sales receipts

Sellers admitted that ivory “puts people off” and they “don’t want to get into trouble”

To read more about this investigation and get some background on it please click here.

You can also check out to make a profile picture next to a rhino or elephant in support of joining the herd!

#JOINTHEHERD (\ˈjȯin thə ˈhərd\) noun: A global movement to celebrate and protect elephants and rhinos. We are committed to ending the trade in ivory and rhino horn.

Chuckie Returns Home!

A wonderful heartwarming animal rescue video to put a smile on your face!

Chuckie had been missing for more than 5 (!!!!) years until the Humane Society found his family and helped him return home!! *yes we teared up while watching it* Click here to watch a sweet family reunion!

A New Life, Retirement!

Over 100 chimpanzees will start a new life when they are retired at Chimp Haven sanctuary in Keithville, La., over the next 12 to 15 months. Watch this heartwarming video of these chimps stepping out on the yard for the first time, by clicking here! This is the largest group of government-owned chimpanzees to be retired from a laboratory! Thanks to Chimp Haven they get to come out and be in big groups, groom each other, and interact with each other without bars in between them.

“Dolphin Safe”

In 1990 the term Dolphin Safe was created after there were so many dolphins being killed in tuna fishing nets. Fast-forward to present day, and these beautiful species are still being hunted and killed in nets. In Gabon, an area where yellow tuna fish are being fished in the same waters with dolphins, sharks, turtles, and rays, by-catch (which pretty much means they were caught while fishing for other animals) often occurs. It often goes unreported in the industrial fishing vessels. So are they catching them on purpose or not caring if it just happens?

This past summer Gabonese fisheries enforcement officers uncovered a non-declaration of by-catch on board the El Salvador flagged vessel. Failure to declare a vessel as a by-catch is a violation of Gabonese law. These law enforcement officials observed one sea turtle, one large hammerhead, one blue shark, and seven silky sharks hauled on board together with the tuna. It sure sounds like this is on purpose! Sea Shepherd’s Vessel later found even more animals being brought on these vessels, further confirming how big of a problem this is. 

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