Wednesday Creature Feature ~ November 7, 2018


Trump Team Makes Controversial Change Regarding Processing Speeds of Chickens! 

The Trump team has made the decision to allow faster processing speeds on factory chickens. This is causing some concerns to safety standards as well. Right now they can process up to 140 birds per minute and the new decision would allow up to 175 per minute.

“The Trump administration doesn’t care that this change will exploit workers and harm public health and animal welfare. This is all about increasing profits for the poultry industry,” said Deborah Berkowitz, a director at the National Employment Law Project and former senior policy adviser for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration in the Obama administration.

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Dog Returned for being “Too Good”! 


A Dog in Arizona was recently returned for being “too good”. Pets are often returned for a number of reasons and all of them are heartbreaking but this one takes the cake. The one year old named Binx was returned two days later. The dogs was potty trained, good with kids, fun to play with, and good with other dogs but yet he was still returned? The former owner said that they wanted more of a challenge. Are you kidding me?! This is one of the saddest stories we have heard. Click here to see more.


Autumn Pets! 

Did you say pile of leaves?!🍂

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