Wednesday Creature Feature ~ November 28, 2018


Woman Leaves Half a Million Dollars to Local Humane Society! 

A local woman from Cass County, Indiana has left half a million dollars from her estate to her local humane society. Shirley had set up trusts years before she died in 2010 which allowed half of her estate to go to help the animals. She loved animals, they were her passion. The money was unable to be released until her husband passed, which was last year. Click here to hear more!

Ellen DeGeneres and More Call for an End to Greyhound Racing in Florida! 

Ellen DeGeneres, Arielle Kebbel, and more have signed a letter urging Florida residents to help put a stop to Greyhound dog racing. Florida is home to the final 11 of 13 racing tracks in the United States.

Actress Arielle Kebbel, who hails from Winter Park, Fla., said, “I’m proud to join my colleagues in the creative community to stand for greyhounds and support Amendment 13 in my home state of Florida. Anyone can love dogs and want to see them protected—the fight to end animal cruelty has no boundaries.”

Some of these dogs are confined for nearly 20-23 hours per day in cages where they can hardly move. Not only that but they are being drugged as well.

Click here to read a list of facts about what the Greyhounds have to suffer through for these races!

We Share Our Home With Two Bobcats!

While we do not condone having wild animals as pets unless they are being rescued, this is the cutest video we have seen in a while. If you are rescuing wild animals please make sure to do your research! The more we watched this video we could see how it could be very controversial because they are being kept as pets. This is just a video that we came upon, in no way do we condone this but rather would like everyone to be aware either way. Enjoy the cuteness at least.





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