Wednesday Creature Feature ~ November 27, 2019 Thanksgiving Edition



Facts That will make you Want to Pass on Turkey this Year! 

  1. 300 Million Turkey’s are killed each year. Most of these are for holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  2. Once they reach an acceptable age they are moved to huge facilities where they are packed next to thousands of other turkeys.
  3. To keep turkeys from killing or injuring each other they often have their beaks and toes cut off all the way or partial.
  4. In 1970 the average turkey weighed 17 pounds but today they can weigh as much as 28 pounds. This is because they are often genetically manipulated to grow as quickly as possible.
  5. In the wild Turkeys can live to be 10 years old. In slaughterhouses they are only 5-6 months old.

Okay enough sad facts from this website. (warning: graphic videos on the link) We are not here to guilt you into not eating a turkey this holiday season but we just want you to know some facts about them. Some happier facts about Turkey’s: male turkeys are called gobblers because they like to make a gobble sound when announcing themselves to a female, all turkeys can run at speeds up to 25 miles per hour and fly as fast as 55 miles per hour, and finally “Benjamin Franklin never proposed the turkey as a symbol for America, but he did once praise it as being “a much more respectable bird” than the bald eagle.” Click here to learn more.

Make this Thanksgiving Memorable! 

You can make this Thanksgiving memorable by adopting a Turkey from Farm Sanctuary.

Below is a list of a couple turkeys that can be adopted. You can find a full list here.



She was just a week old when FS got her. She like many others was debeaked and despite a lot of trauma she is very playful.


Hank Williams:

His rescuer found him wandering alone in the rain. He was neglected and left to die but has now recovered and is living his best legendary life.








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