Wednesday Creature Feature ~ November 20, 2019


Emaciated Dog Found Alive under debris 3 weeks after Hurricane Dorian!

A dog was found using a drone that used heat-seeking technology after 3 weeks of being buried. The dog was so frail and nothing but bones. The people who found him said he was still wagging his tail and hopeful.

The rescue says Miracle is the 138th dog they’ve managed to save in the Bahamas. Big Dog Ranch Rescue is working with the local humane society to clear shelter space so new dogs can be placed there.

There are still efforts going on, click here to learn how to help!

Ohio K-9 Hailed Hero after Finding Missing 3-year-old!

A k-9 in Sidney, Ohio is being hailed a hero after finding a missing toddler. In the afternoon they responded to a call about the child and within minutes of arriving on the scene the k-9 got to work. The dog used the child’s scent to sniff out their location. Click here to learn more.

How the TSA trains Dogs to Detect Bombs!






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