Wednesday Creature Feature ~ November 15, 2017

No Kill Shelter Euthanized Dogs!

The director out of an animal shelter in Richmond, IN was fired after 12 dogs were euthanized at a NO KILL shelter. The board of health fired the director and requested a resignation of two board members who voted to have the dogs put down. Workers said they were lied to about where the dogs were being taken and then once they were told, they were asked to lie about it. The workers were told at the beginning of November that the dogs were being taken to a rescue but in fact were being taken to be put down. The workers knew that the no rescue was going to take that many dogs especially with aggression issues. Some of the workers were forced to lie for weeks. This past weekend the community learned about the euthanized dogs and were outraged. Two separate online petitions demanding an investigation reached thousands of signatures in just over 24 hours!

Many long time investors are walking away from the shelter – but the board needs to come forward and acknowledge what they did was wrong. They need to pick up the pieces so the shelter can continue on and hopefully as an actual no kill shelter. To read more click here and if you would like to sign one of the petitions you can find it here!


78,000 Cougars in 30 years!


A report issued earlier this year by HSUS, stated that more than 78,000 cougars have been killed over the last 30 years. Now more than ever has it been crucial to protect these animals. Just as cougar hunting season has started there might be a glimmer of hope for the cougars. According to the HSUS Mexican wolves were being used as traps set for the cougars, these wolves are endangered as it is. A federal judge declared that defendants are not immune from liability of setting these traps. As for the legal hunting of cougars, there might still be a long road ahead but progress is being made! To read more about this issue click here!



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