Wednesday Creature Feature ~ November 14, 2018


Thousands of Animals Displaced after Wildfires!  

As most of us have probably heard, there are wildfires devastating so many areas of California. What we often forget about during these events are the animals, domestic and wild, that are harmed. Allison Cardona, director of Los Angeles County Animal Care & Control has rescued nearly 700 animals which include horses, a cow, and a tortoise, etc. She said that she expects that another approximate 10,000 animals have been displaced throughout this tragedy. There have been posts circulating the internet about leaving water out for animals passing by, which is always a good idea as well as rescuing them if possible. This story has so many more stories of rescues, click here to read more!

Dead Shark Washes up with Plastic Around Neck!

This poor shark that washed up on the shores of a Florida beach was discovered with a plastic brim around its neck. It was later unveiled that it had come from what used to be a part of a old hat. This is a terrible reminder that not only was the shark killed but killed by something that was man-induced.

Humans didn’t even mass produce plastics until roughly 60 years ago, National Geographic reports. But since then, there’s been an explosion in production of plastic that goes into everything from clothes to food containers.

It’s not just plastic that can impact marine life, though.

In August, a female Kemp’s ridley sea turtle — the most endangered sea turtle on the planet— was found dead, bloodied and trapped in a barstool off Florida’s panhandle, McClatchy reported at the time.

Please, clean up your area on the beach before you leave and please think about what your are discarding as it will mostly likely end up in the ocean. Click here to read more.

Robert Irwin and Jimmy Feed Baby Pygmy Goats!






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