Wednesday Creature Feature ~ November 13, 2019


Study: Opossums are Our Best Defense Against Lyme Disease!

Every week opossums kill thousands of ticks per acre! A study most recently conducted with other rodents, opossums were the most effective in killing ticks. Squirrels and mice also both eat ticks. A single opossum can kill over 5,000 ticks per week. This is very fortunate for humans, because ticks can carry some very deadly diseases.

Worldwide, more than 1.3 million people die each year of infectious diseases transmitted by a vector, such as a mosquito, sand fly or tick, according to the .

Next time you see an opossum, don’t be frightened! Click here to read more.

Bear Cubs lock themselves in a Gatlinburg Van, then Honk until a Human let them Out!

Earlier in October a security worker left his van to go to work in a home in Gatlinburg. About a half hour later he heard a horn honking and realized after a few minutes that it might be his own van. He went to investigate further and found two cubs in his van. He assumes they must have crawled through the driver side door and then hit the lock button once inside. He caught this funny moment on camera and then was cautious as he let them out. Click here for details!

Top 7 Amazing Opossum Facts!





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