Wednesday Creature Feature ~ May 8, 2019


Pittsburgh Zoo Welcomes Adorable Clouded Leopard Cub!

The Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium has welcomed a new and super cute addition to their family. The staff at the zoo had been monitoring the cubs mother and realized the cub had not been nursing. After about 12 hours they decided to step in and help nurse the cub. The staff says the cub has a feisty personality but will not be on exhibit yet as she continues to grow big and strong. Click here to see the zoo’s Facebook post!

Gorilla Selfie! 

A park ranger in the Virunga National Park is going viral after taking a selfie with some of the gorillas in the park. The two gorillas are shown in the picture above imitating the park ranger. It also states that most primates are comfortable walking upright but just for short amounts of time. It sure does look funny though! Click here for the original post!

Young Orphaned Gorillas: See Their Adorable Bond With Park Rangers!

Please remember these are trained professionals and not something that any ordinary person should just walk up to a wild animal and try.

At the Senkwekwe Center for mountain gorilla orphans in Congo, a handful of Virunga National Park rangers live around the clock with four juveniles whose parents were killed. The rangers see their families only every few weeks and are very close to their charges. Chief caretaker André Bauma along with his team have hand-raised the gorillas since they were first brought to the center





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