Wednesday Creature Feature ~ May 20, 2020


Sea Turtles Flourishing Amid Coronavirus Lockdown!

Thailand is seeing a record number of leatherback turtles since the covid-19 lockdown. They are thriving and doing amazing things for the turtle population. While the beaches are remained undisturbed, turtles are hatching all over the place. They have found 11 nests since November.

The leatherback turtle lays its eggs in dark areas without movement, which were rare when tourists enjoyed the beaches. People also take the eggs for consumption. Tourist numbers have dwindled in Thailand, dropping nearly 50 percent in February as countries imposed travel restrictions and a nationwide curfew was instated between 10 p.m and 4 a.m.

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Jellyfish Spotted Gliding Through The Now Crystal Clear Venice Canals!

(picture from Forbes)

While Italy has been on lockdown, the canals have been completely empty to traffic. This has given the opportunity for many marine animals to explore unlike before. The waters are usually pretty hard to see through but now they are clear enough to see animals as well as welcome them.

Last week, Andrea Mangoni was near San Marco Square when he spotted a jellyfish gliding through the crystal clear water. Mangoni started recording as the jellyfish swam amidst the reflections of the buildings, and shared the mesmerizing video on Instagram.

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Acclimating Beluga Whales! 






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