Wednesday Creature Feature ~ May 15, 2019


This week for Wednesday Creature Feature we are doing something a little bit different. We are going to be featuring a cafe that one of our PWC members, Chelsea, went to this past weekend.

Nine Lives Cat Cafe! 

Nine Lives Cat Cafe is the first of its kind in Indianapolis, Indiana. The cat cafe is not like your average cafe. Yes they have espresso, sweets, tea, and regular coffee, but on the other side of a glass wall there is a huge room filled with adoptable cats. If you are not a fan of cats but want to support the Humane Society of Indianapolis you can still go into the cat-free part of the cafe and shop around and watch the cats from the seats on the other side of the windows.


All of the cats in the cat cafe are adoptable, up to date on their shots, and have been spayed/neutered. Some of the cats just arrived and some have been there for a few months. Drinks you purchase are allowed in the cat room but cats are never allowed where the food and drinks are being made. The cats live in the free-roaming room until they are adopted. This is a different way that lets cats be free from cages and small spaces while waiting to be adopted. Their food bowls are scattered around the room but their litter boxes and cubbies for them to sleep, if they choose, are in a separate room with a cat door. The cats can choose to come and go into the main room where visitors are. They are never forced to interact if they do not want to. Visitors are also instructed on a few simple rules like: no belly rubs, no reaching into small spaces after the cat, and no picking them up without permission. These are all for good reason.

The cat cafe highly recommends that you make a reservation to ensure that you get a spot in the room. It’s only $3 for 30 minutes or $5 for 60 minutes. I thought I would not stay the full hour but it’s easy to lose track of time when playing with the cats. 100% of the money used to go into the cat cafe goes directly to the Humane Society of Indianapolis. If you choose to adopt a cat the day you go there you can get your admission fee back or can choose to still have it donated to the Humane Society. The cat cafe even has special events to benefit the Humane Society as well.

There are so many wonderful things I can say about the cafe but you should really check out their website by clicking here! For now I will leave you with some pictures from my time there.





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