Wednesday Creature Feature ~ May 1, 2019


Bees Survive Cathedral Blaze!

Approximately 180,000 bees survived Notre Dame’s blazing fire that occurred not that long ago. The official beekeeper of the cathedral said he saw from satellite images that the three hives that were in the wooden roof had not burned. The bees hung on for dear life while protecting their queen.

It’s a big day. I am so relieved. I saw satellite photos that showed the three hives didn’t burn,” Notre Dame beekeeper Nicolas Geant told The Associated Press on Friday.

Instead of killing them, the CO2 (from smoke) makes them drunk, puts them to sleep,” he explained.

The hives were put in the cathedral roof in 2013 as a part of a Paris wide initiative to save the declining bee numbers. Click here to read more about this amazing story.

Lincoln Park Zoo Ends Direct Contact with Wildlife!

A zoo in Chicago has ended its program where visitors were able to interact or touch the wildlife. This included small mammals or reptiles. A two year study done by the zoo said that allowing visitors to touch the animals did not increase visitor numbers but greatly stressed out the animals.

Close encounters with wild animals also raise concerns about public health and safety. Removing animals from enclosures creates an opportunity for the animal to escape, posing a threat to both the animals and the public. Public contact, even when animals remain in their enclosures, presents a risk of injury and disease transmission to both the animals and the people interacting with them.

Earlier this year at a zoo in Florida a girl fell into a rhino encounter and was hospitalized for severe injuries. This encounter allowed the guests to brush the rhino’s or touch them through the bars. When the girl fell in the rhinos struck the girl with their snouts. This is no one’s fault besides lack of education. The animals are going to attack as they do not know if they are looking to be harmed and as humans it is our nature to be curious. Education and proper enclosures for animals are vital. Click here to read more!

New Baby Giraffe at Australia Zoo! 

*warning content of giraffe being born may be graphic to young children*




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