Wednesday Creature Feature ~ March 7, 2018



Cyanide Bombs Impact Wildlife!

A Montana federal court has approved a settlement on a deadline for the US Fish & Wildlife Services to provide results of the impact of deadly pesticides used to kill coyotes and other native carnivores. Two pesticides, sodium cyanide and compound 1080, are often used by State agencies to kill wildlife under the US Dept of Agriculture’s programs for wildlife control. Although mainly used to kill coyotes and other predators, these poisonous pesticides are posing a threat to grizzly bears, Canada lynx, and wolves.

It also threatens the livelihood of bald eagles, foxes, raccoons, and even family dogs, as they tend to scavenge carcasses of animals who have died from these pesticides. This victory will force the government to evaluate the collateral damage of these pesticides and the risk they pose to wildlife and non target animals. To read more on this click here! 




Ohio Works on Training 300 Officers to Work with Dogs! 

This week, the HSUS partnered with Ohio’s Association of Chiefs of Police and the Ohio County Dog Wardens Association to provide a week of day-long training seminars on investigating and prosecuting illegal animal cruelty and fighting cases throughout the state. The training will also show how these crimes relate to other violent offenses, including domestic child abuse, gang activity, drugs, and other crimes. To read more on this click here! 







Gertie’s Pet Store Recovery! 






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