Wednesday Creature Feature ~ March 6, 2019


Teen Rescues Dogs from Columbus House Fire!

Two dogs are safe after a teenager in Indiana saw smoke coming from a house. He ran over the house and starting pounding on the door to try and help. One of the teenagers thought their neighbor might be at work but knew the dogs would be home. Once he kicked in the door he found the dogs and got them to safety. The dogs and teenager were all safe but the house was severely damaged.

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Missing Massachusetts dog found 185 miles away in Maine!

A dog has been reunited with its owner after nearly 8 months apart. The dog named Kaiser went missing from a boarding facility back in June. It was quite the miracle when a woman in Maine found Kaiser.

Earlier this winter in Bethel, Maine a woman’s freezer died, so she was putting meat out on her porch to keep it cold. She went outside the next morning and found that most of the meat was gone — and she found Kaiser.

The good Samaritan fed Kaiser for a few more weeks but was unable to get close enough to catch him. She contacted Animal Control, and the team trapped Kaiser and he was brought into the Responsible Pet Care of Oxford Hills shelter on February 6.

It was then that the staff at that shelter had seen a posting for Kaiser and immediately contacted them. Kaiser was reunited with his owner shortly after.

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Corgi Pups Explore the World! 

Exploring a great big house can be tough when you’re a puppy, especially when you have tiny corgi legs! But these curious pups won’t let that stop them from making the most of every new adventure.

This is the cutest video we have posted by far! Give it a watch!




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