Wednesday Creature Feature ~ March 13, 2019



1,500 Live Turtles Found in Luggage! 

Customs found over 1,500 living turtles in luggage at an international airport in the Philippines this past Sunday. The luggage was on a flight arriving from Hong Kong but no owner in sight. There were various species of tortoises found in the luggage. Authorities believed that the owner may have heard how serious the airport takes wildlife trafficking hence the no show to pick it up. Click here to learn more.

Dog Reunited with Family 101 Days Later!

The dog was lost when he jumped out of the family’s moving truck while they were fleeing from a wildfire. The family never lost hope on finding the dog, named Kingston, they put up flyers everywhere. A local animal rescue contacted the family after they had saw Facebook posts of the missing dog. Finally 101 days later they were all reunited together.

Family members believe Kingston survived by eating skunks, because he hunted them before the fire and he smelled of skunk when they picked him up.

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Puppies Get a Second Chance! 







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