Wednesday Creature Feature ~ June 6, 2018


Going to the Dark Side! 

A recent Swiss study found that light pollution from nearby roadways can cause reduced insect visits by 62 percent! This can ultimately cause lowered fruit production. You can help this by turning off outdoor lights when they are not in use.

Glare from lights outside can cause limited night vision as well. So by installing motion-detecting lights outside it can be safer for the insects and also reduce costs from continuous energy.

Choosing bulbs wisely is the next step to helping creatures outdoors. Not all react the same way to light but after a specially developed light kept migrating songbird from landing on platforms in the North Sea Hawaii decided to try it. They used it to help seabirds that were confused by brightly lit resorts.

“And they were attracted to it. So there’s no single wildlifefriendly spectrum. It can be all over the map.” In a home setting, try warm LEDs; they may attract fewer insects than other lighting.

Click here to read more on how you can help outdoor creatures.

Ivory Seized in Hong Kong!

The largest ivory haul ever intercepted represents between 700 and 1,000 elephants, including many small calves. WildAid is urging Hong Kong to ban all ivory trade.

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K-9 Units to Receive Life-Saving Gear! 

The Humane Society along with the Humane Society Legislative Fund of Kansas are partnering with a Kansas family to donate life-saving car heat alarms and ballistic vests to more than 40 police departments across the state of Kansas.

The car alarms are internal temperature monitors used in a police canine vehicle to monitor vital components, alerting the canine’s officer handler if a specific alarm condition is detected. The ballistic vests, each custom tailored to the K-9 unit’s working dog, provide a life-saving shield for all dogs in service, minimizing the potential for death or injury should the dog be involved in an incident where a weapon is discharged.

Click here to see a full list of departments receiving the gear!







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