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Tower of London Welcomes Baby Ravens for the First Time in 30 Years!

Right now the Tower of London has around 7 ravens living there. As of early May four chicks were born.

As a royal decree reportedly issued by 17th-century King Charles II warned, if the birds ever flee their London home, “the Tower itself will crumble to dust and a great harm will befall the kingdom.”

Usually Tower ravens are bred somewhere else and then brought to London which is the case for most of the current ravens. The new chicks were the first ones in almost 30 years in which the Tower had bred the ravens themselves. The chicks will eat every two hours and the meal usually consists of quail, mice, and rats that are secured by their parents. If you like to know more about their home click here.

PUP PROTECTION: When it’s too hot to trot!

Summer is officially here. This means more time with family and friends, furry ones included. As summer usually brings very hot temperatures it is important for us pet owners to understand when is hot too hot for our furry friends.

An air temperature of 94 degrees brings cement to 115 degrees, and blacktop to 135 degrees, and an air temperature of 95 degrees, brings cement to 125 degrees, and blacktop to 140 degrees.

The best time to walk your pets is between 11 am and 4 pm. After that make sure they have booties on their feet to protect them from the hot pavement. You can always walk them in the grass if these times are no good.

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Crikey! It’s The Irwins!





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