Wednesday Creature Feature ~ June 27, 2018



Antarctica is Melting Three Times as Fast! 

Some may say that melting ice caps have nothing to do with animals but in all reality it has everything to do with their survival. After reading an article from the NY Times, we saw how extreme this situation is becoming.

Approximately 60 to 90 percent of the world’s fresh water is frozen in ice sheets in Antarctica. This is about the size of the United States and Mexico combined. If every bit of this ice melted it could raise the sea level 200 feet. This would be devastating to not only humans but animals alike. Warming waters are mostly driven by increased greenhouse emissions from humans. This is causing the ice caps to melt and leaving polar bears to fend for themselves. To learn more about this increase in sea levels click here.

World Giraffe Day! 

Happy (late) World Giraffe Day! On June 21st we celebrated giraffe’s by learning more about them! There have been some questions about how many giraffe species there are over the years but it has come to attention that there are four different species. They are: Masai, Reticulated, Northern (3 subspecies), and Southern (2 subspecies). Some of the threats to giraffes include fragmentation, degradation, and loss of habitat, disease, poaching, the growth and expansion of the human population, war and civil unrest. Click here to learn more.

We have included a picture to help you identify each species of giraffe as well.

Illegal Ivory Found in Massachusetts! 

Our undercover investigators found undocumented elephant ivory for sale by vendors throughout Massachusetts. TAKE ACTION: Please make a quick, polite call to your state senator to urge support for Senate Bill 2382, which would ensure the Commonwealth doesn’t play a role in the poaching crisis by restricting trade in elephant ivory and rhino horn. You can look up their phone number at






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