Wednesday Creature Feature ~ June 26, 2019


Indianapolis Zoo Announces Birth of Twin Baby Lemurs!

These two ring-tailed twin lemurs were born on May 7th! The handlers were able to tell that at least one of the babies is a boy and a lot more independent than the other twin who is staying close to its mothers. There wasn’t much on this story other than the announcement so enjoy more pictures of the twins below. Click here for a link to the article and another link here to the zoo.

2 Giraffes Killed by ‘billion-to-one’ Lightning Strike at Florida Wildlife Park!

In Tampa a wildlife park is heartbroken after two of their giraffes were killed by a freak accident, a lightning strike. The giraffes were a one year old and a ten year old. The park says that the giraffes have enclosures that are safe for them to go in but there is no way to force any of the giraffes to take shelter if they do not want to. Pathology results show that the lightning is what killed them and it would have been instantaneous. We can just hope they did not feel any pain as it happened. Click here for more info.

Fierce and Fast Falcon Flight!








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