Wednesday Creature Feature ~ June 20, 2018



Sick Animals Key to Understanding Cancer! 

Did you know that sea lions have the highest known cancer rate in wildlife? Well they do and now scientists are trying to study and figure out why genes, viruses, and the environment might trigger cancer. They are not only trying to figure this out for wildlife but humans as well!

The answers could have profound implications for human and animal health. If we can understand the mechanism by which the herpesvirus is using the sea lion’s own cells to cause cancer, scientists could develop ways to prevent a similar virus from taking control of human cells.

Click here to read more on their discoveries!

There were so many good videos of animals this week and we could not choose so we went with two! Enjoy!

Odd Man Inn! 

To learn more about this non-profit click here! 

Harry Potter’s Evanna Lynch Says No to Cat and Dog Meat Trade! 

By drawing the attention of governments and the public to the cruelty involved in this industry, we hope to put a stop to the misery these dogs endure.








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