Wednesday Creature Feature ~ June 19, 2019



Kenya Wildlife Services Announces Rare White Giraffe is Pregnant!

A sanctuary in Kenya is home to the critically endangered Hirola Antelope and the only white giraffe in the world.

The white giraffe is expecting a baby (due date is unknown). The wildlife service is unsure if the baby will be white (fingers crossed) or not but it is the giraffe’s second calf as one was born in 2017! Click here for more details.

New York Poised to become First State to Ban Cat Declawing!

At the request of cat owners there is new legislation in the state of New York requesting that New York ban cat declawing. If this were to pass NY would be the first state to ban this act. It would also fine owners $1,000 if they were to declaw their cat. Declawing is illegal in Europe and much of Canada as well as some major cities in the United States. The procedure is really quite terrible. It involves amputating the cats toes back to the first knuckle. Human nails are not attached to bones like cats “nails” are. Vets have to slice through tendons and nerves to remove the section of the toe where the nail will not grow back. The procedure can cause long term problems including walking and pain for the cat. For those owners who did not know the process I hope that this article informs you for the future. Click here for more.

Lions, Tigers, Bears & more Rescued from Canada Roadside Zoo!





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