Wednesday Creature Feature ~ June 13, 2018



$5 Million Equine-Assisted Therapy!

The House of Representatives passed H.R. 5895, the Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Appropriations Act, 2018. This act will ensure that the funding will be increased for Veterans Affairs grant program which involves equine therapy.

The funding will enable an expansion of services that use equine-assisted therapy in conjunction with mental health care treatment and services to veterans.

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Help for 150 Neglected Cats!

A ranch owner in Chappell, Nebraska has had the problem of stray cats being dropped off onto his property. This is often the case for anyone who has a lot of land and a farm. People can often see it as a safe haven but in all reality it can be dangerous and can cause a lot of problems for the owners. The humane society worked with the ranch owner to get all 15o of the roaming cats spayed/neutered.

The cats were well-fed, but the ranch owner reached out for help after realizing that she could not keep up with some of the animals’ basic needs, like sterilization and routine veterinary care. Four horses and four dogs also share the property.

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Pit Bull Saves 7 Month Old from Fire! 

Nana Chaichanhda said that she let Sasha in and the young puppy started “barking at me like crazy and I was like, ‘OK, this is weird. This is not like her.”

Chaichanhda then saw the flames engulfing the building and ran to the bedroom of her seven-month-old daughter. When she reached the room, Sasha was already there and was dragging the young girl by her diaper out of bed.





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