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Tips on Flying with Pets! 

Flying is just another norm in our society today and it is also normal to fly with pets. If you have never flown with them before it is important to have some tips prior.

1. Do your homework.

Before flying you should do some research on the airline and their pet policies.

Among the questions you’ll want to research: Where will your animals be stored? Is there a temperature-controlled area? What are the policies for sending food and water with the carrier? What are the specific size requirements for the carrier? What kind of paperwork will you need?

2. Visit your vet.

Most airlines require a good bill of health before flying. Some animals have breathing problems and that is why airlines may have placed a restriction on them.

3. Practice, practice, practice.

In the months or weeks before traveling it is important to get your pet used to being in their carrier.

4.  Don’t overlook the destination.

If you are flying internationally or even to Hawaii your pet could be quarantined upon arrival so it is important to research your destination and pets allowed to travel with you.

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July 4th with Animals! 

Pets are more sensitive to fireworks than we are, so keep them safe and keep them indoors this holiday. This holiday we would like to give you some tips to keep them safe:

Pets can be so terrified there is no calming them down so your vet may be able to prescribe them some medications, but that should be a last resort. During all the hustle and bustle of the activities we may forget that our pets are scared and if they are outside and a firework goes off they could run away. In this case it is very important to have a collar and i.d. on them if this happens. Also July 4th tends to be right in the middle of summer, it is going to be hot, make sure to keep them hydrated.

Remember your pets on this holiday and make sure you keep them extra love and keep them safe by keeping them indoors. Click here to read more.

Saving Sea Turtles! 

There are a million reasons to love sea turtles. They swim thousands of miles in their lifetime, they’re some of the oldest living creatures in the world, and they can live just as long as humans! Today, we wanted to share a little bit about a special type of sea turtle, the olive ridley.

Each year on the eastern coast of India, the olive ridley return for their famed, synchronized mass nesting. Over the past decade, studies have shown a decline in the number of turtles due to various threats to the nesting sites. For the past seven years, HSI India has been working hard to protect these creatures and give them a fighting chance.




Happy 4th of July!




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