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Wolf Seen in Northern France for First Time in over a Century!

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According to the French Biodiversity Office the wolf was seen on a camera wandering through a village close to the coast. They are very sure that it seems to be a grey wolf. In the 1930’s there was an over-hunting of wolves in France and since then they really have not been spotted even after they made their way back in the past 30 years. This was a pretty exciting spotting.

There are roughly 530 wolves in France today, mostly living in the Alps and the south-east of the country, according to the ONCFS hunting and wildlife agency.

Wolves are a protected species under the EU’s Bern Convention, but the increase in their numbers has led to protests from farmers, who ask for a large annual cull of wolves.

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Hundreds of Animals need New Homes after Zoo Closes due to Lack of Funds!

There are hundreds of animals needing homes after a zoo in Torquay is closing due to lack of funds.

Wild Planet Trust, which also owns Paignton and Newquay zoos, announced that its Living Coasts site in Torquay, Devon, was shutting.

The trust blamed a fall in the number of visitors and the economic downturn caused by Covid-19 for the attraction’s closure.

Many businesses have been closing permanently since Covid-19 began and it should come as no surprise that zoos and other animal residencies even sanctuaries are having a hard time. The zoo has been approaching other zoos for help in taking the animals in. Click here to learn more.

Australia Zoo Covid Plan! 






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