Wednesday Creature Feature ~ July 15, 2020


“It’s probably the most babies in one area this year”: Dolphin calves abound at the Oceanfront!

In Virginia Beach a group of dolphin watchers were pleasantly surprised when a pod emerged from the water! The dolphins had black spots on their fins which are signs that they were born recently.

“It’s probably the most babies in one area this year,” said Capt. Skip Feller of Rudee Tours.

But sightings of young dolphins are not unusual. Tour guides and beachgoers report seeing large numbers of the mammals this month in the waters off Virginia Beach, and there are plenty of babies mixed in with the adults.

“It’s the first time I’ve seen so many dolphins,” Lavinia Rodgers said Friday, even though she has taken several other tours before.

Calves can be 3 to 4 feet long and weigh 30 to 40 pounds! Right now is the time of the year for baby dolphins.

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Rare Sea Turtle Back in Water after Year-Long Rehab!

A rare sea turtle has been released after a year long rehab in the Florida Keys.

Maisy is a hybrid hawksbill-green sea turtle that was rescued about a year ago.

She has a condition called fibropapillomatosis, which is a herpes-like virus that affects sea turtles around the world.

The staff at the Summerland Key Turtle Hospital treated Maisy with surgeries, antibiotics and a healthy diet.

She now has a satellite tracker as a part of a program that will be following sea turtles much like her over the next three months.

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