Wednesday Creature Feature ~ July 10, 2019


Bear Cub Euthanized after People Feed it, Take Selfies!

A friendly black bear in Oregon had been visiting a camp site here lately and eating leftover food. It had come to park rangers attention after people had posted selfies with the bear. Individuals had been leaving food for the bear and while they may have thought it was a okay, it is never a good idea to feed a bear, even a cub. They removed the bear from the area but it returned a day later. Rangers decided that it would be best and safest for future visitors if the bear was put down. And that is exactly what they did. This bear was smaller and if it grew too familiar with humans it could pose a threat in the future. We do think however their could have been better ways to handle this situation rather than euthanizing the bear cub. Click here to learn more.

More than 200 Dead Dolphins were Found from Louisiana to Florida. That’s Triple the Usual Number, NOAA says!

A total of 261 dolphins were found between Louisiana and Florida earlier this year. A majority of them were dead. This number is far too high from what officials are used to. They said it is uncertain of the exact cause of death but they are assuming it is from all the rain. These types of dolphins are used to areas with high salt content but a lot of them had injuries that were from fresh water areas. With all the rain the salt levels have been lower and this could have been the cause of most of their deaths.

Investigators are exploring everything, including freshwater spilling into the Gulf from the wet winter, food supply and possible lingering impacts from the 2010 Gulf oil spill.

“We urge the public to report any sick, stranded or dead dolphins to the local stranding network,” Rowles said.

Click here to learn more.

Hunter The Blind Tiger Gets a Check-Up For His Prosthetic Eyes!






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