Wednesday Creature Feature ~ January 30, 2019


Alligators Freeze in N. Carolina Swamp!

It is not what you think though, these alligators did it to survive. In Ocean Isle Beach the alligators have once again let themselves freeze in order to survive. They stuck their noses above water just as it was about to freeze and stayed frozen all day the next day as well. This stage is called “Brumation” or hibernation.

The Charlotte Observer reports The Swamp Park manager George Howard says 18 American alligators froze Monday night and stayed frozen all day Tuesday. He says the alligators seem to sense when the water is at its freezing point and poke their noses into the air “at just the right moment.”

The alligators will thaw out just like they have in the past and with no injuries! Click here to read more!

Puppy Finds New Home after Surviving Euthanization!

A pet rescue in Iowa said “Rudolph” the puppy has been given a second chance after he was about to be euthanized. The shelter that he was at was so full that they were going to put him to sleep. Instead the puppy woke up and the veterinarian chose not to try again. The vet took him to a no-kill shelter and after this surprising story Rudolph then received many applications for adoption! Kings Harvest Pet Rescue has now found Rudolph his forever home. Click here to read more!

S.A.D. Pets!

It’s that time of the year where the weather is gloomy and cold and we can use something to cheer us up. Pets.




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