Wednesday Creature Feature ~ January 22, 2020


Photos Of Sleeping Pups In A Puppy Daycare Center Are Taking Over The Internet!

The facility in South Korea are regularly posting pics of their cute pups but here lately these pictures are taking over the internet.

“There are reservations for 30 dogs each day,” a Puppy Spring spokesperson told Bored Panda. “We also operate as a play center where children can come in to relax.”

Enjoy a handful of the many pictures below! Also please click here to see the adorable pics!

Fire Kills More than 30 Animals at Zoo in Western Germany!

In the first minutes of the new year a fire swept through a zoo in Germany killing more than 30 animals.

Several witnesses reported that they had seen the cylindrical paper lanterns with little fires inside flying in the night sky shortly after midnight Wednesday near the Krefeld zoo, Gerd Hoppmann, the city’s head of criminal police told reporters.

“People reported seeing those sky lanterns flying at low altitude near the zoo and then it started burning,” Hoppmann said.

Police and firefighters received the first emergency calls at 12:38 a.m.

The zoo near the Dutch border said that the entire ape house burned down and more than 30 animals, including five orangutans, two gorillas, a chimpanzee and several monkeys, as well as fruit bats and birds, were killed.

Click here for details on the story.

Pit Bulls and Parolees! 






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