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Animal Shelter Pushes to Find Home for Dog!

An animal shelter in Indiana is looking really hard to find a home for one of their dogs, Ginger, who has been in the shelter for over 450 days. When she arrived at the shelter she had a broken pelvis and tested positive for heart worms.

“At first glance, Ginger appears cautious, even a little mouthy, as you walk up to her kennel. Once out of her kennel she starts to relax and let her guard down a bit. She will play ball and tug-on-a-rope like a pup!”

They describe Ginger as a pup that is treat driven and she will take them gently from you.

According to friends of the shelter, she is housebroken and learning leash manners.

As of January 2nd Ginger was still looking for a home. If you or anyone is interested in adopting her, please visit the Hendricks County Animal Shelter Facebook page and fill out their application. You can also call them at (317) 745-9250.

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New Mexico Bans Cruel Wildlife Killing Contests on State Lands!

New Mexico’s land commissioner has banned the killing of coyotes and other wildlife for the purpose of contests.

These gruesome events are held in nearly every state in the U.S. with participants competing to kill the most or the heaviest coyotes, bobcats, foxes, even mountain lions and countless other species. The animals are killed for nothing more than cash, prizes, and bragging rights, their bodies often discarded like trash.

These contests are nothing but personal profit and are simply cruelty to animals. We commend the commissioner for banning these contests and hope other states follow. Click here to read more.

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