Wednesday Creature Feature ~ January 2, 2019 ~ Happy New Year!!


College Wrestler Saves Cat on Christmas Eve!

A Wabash College Wrestler dived into an icy lake on Christmas Eve to save a drowning cat. Darden a 21 year old was visiting family for Christmas at Lake George when the rescue took place. They were having breakfast when they saw a cat walking on the thin ice. All of a sudden the ice broke and the cat fell through. The young man and his family saw the cat struggling when he decided to jump into the lake in only shorts. Both Darden and the cat were fine in the end except a few scrapes, bruises, and numbness from the ice. Click here to watch a video of the rescue!

UK Bans Pet Shops from Selling Puppies and Kittens!

Britain has now banned the sale of puppies and kittens to protect them from exploitation. This is to help crack down on “puppy mills” and people who have little concern for animal welfare.

Under the new measure, people wishing to adopt a puppy or kitten would have to deal directly with a breeder or a re-homing center, rather than pet shops or other commercial dealers.

Click here to read more on the new ban!

Owner and Dogs Reunite after CA Wildfires! 

Grab the tissues! Alexis hasn’t seen her dogs in a month after losing her home because of the California wildfires… watch to see what happens next.






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