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Therapy Dogs help Cheer up the Staff at IUBMH!

Cookie is walking through the halls of Ball Memorial Hospital in Muncie, Indiana cheering up the staff. Cookie and other dogs are part of the comfort canines program. They have become even more of a big deal in the past few weeks. There are quite a few handfuls of dogs and their owners that are trained to just be kind and help people feel happy when they might be at their weakest and lowest points. These dogs are not just for patients but for staff of the hospital as well. These dogs can cheer anyone up. In the photo shown above Zeke is showing some comfort to a staff member at Ball. He is trained through Therapy Dogs International. We encourage you to click here and look through all the wonderful photos of the dogs spreading joy.

Police Dog Given Narcan to Reverse Overdose in Florida!

A dog working at a Florida port had to be given Narcan to reverse the negative reaction to drugs. This occurred while the dog was on the job sniffing drugs of a passenger. The sheriff’s office said the dog, Jake, had a seizure and lost motor skills after sniffing the drugs. The passenger was about the board a cruise line.

The passenger was charged with possessing a controlled substance without a prescription after deputies found on him a sedative and other prescription drugs, as well as an amphetamine and ecstasy.

Goodyear says Jake shouldn’t suffer any long-term effects and will return to work.

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Polar Bear Tries to Break In!





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