Wednesday Creature Feature ~ February 6, 2019



Giraffe Born at Disney World Animal Park!

Officials at the park said a giraffe gave birth on terrain in the Animal Kingdom. This is an area of the park that visitors will be able to see. Right now it is too early to know the gender but the baby is in good health and is already 6 feet tall. The baby is taking time to bond with the mother, Mara! Click here to read more!

Coyote in the Bathroom!

A coyote managed to run past security in Nashville earlier this month. The coyote ran into a convention center bathroom late on a Sunday night. Police and animal control were able to trap the animal, catch it, and then release it safely back into a wooded area.

Animal Control Director Bluestone said,

I don’t want to say coyotes in bathrooms are going to become the norm, but because of intrusion into their habitat, it’s going to be close living.

Chimpanzees 360º!





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