Wednesday Creature Feature ~ February 28, 2018



Pork Lobbying Funds Halted! 

On February 1st a federal court in Washington ruled on a lawsuit filed by HSUS against a pork lobbying group. They were transferring millions of dollars from a federal program to the pork industry. The court ruled that the National Pork Board must cease payments to their biggest lobbying group. The money harming not only animals but responsible family farmers as well. Programs like this should not be federally funded! To read more on this case and a statement from HSUS click here!


Seeking Sanctuary!

Elaine Nash received a call in October of 2016 that would forever change the way she saw horses. She learned that there were about 270 horses that were about to be neglected and needed homes. She is an executive director of Fleet of Angels – a non-profit that connects horse adopters with affordable transporters, so she was equipped to handle situations like this. She knew that if she did not get involved that these 270 horses plus many many more would end up in the slaughter house. She could not stand by as “kill buyers” tried to get these horses. With the help of the Humane Society and her organization they were able to raise enough funds to pay off the lien on the horses! She now had to find homes for 907 horses!!! To find out more about this happy ending click here! 




Rusty Diamond!

Watch below the sad but heartwarming happy ending to the Rusty Diamond story! This was so sad but had the happiest of endings and had us in tears!






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