Wednesday Creature Feature ~ February 27, 2019


Caught on Camera: Dozens of Sharks Lurk near South Florida Shore!

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An aerial video showed blacktip sharks lurking near the South Florida shore. The sharks have been on the journey of migrating for the last few months and it was finally caught on video. There had been a huge decrease in their numbers according to scientists. So to see so many was a great sight.

Researches say the sharks usually stay in the area for about two months and can grow to around 6 feet long.

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Vets Save Cat Found Buried in the Snow, Unresponsive!

As the polar vortex swept through the nation, it was repeated over and over again how important it was for animals to find a warm place to bunker down. This cat was not as fortunate enough, but soon found life again! An animal clinic in Montana is taking care of a cat after the owners found the it to have been buried in snow with many injuries. The cat, named Fluffy, had a very low body temperature when it was found. After the proper care and many heating pads later they were able to revive her.

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