Wednesday Creature Feature ~ February 20, 2019


Rare Black Leopard Spotted for the First Time in Over a Century!

Nick Pilfold, a biologist based in Kenya, and his team set cameras to try and get a glimpse of this rare beauty! He had heard there was a leopard lurking around Kenya so after setting up cameras they caught video of the young female leopard. This leopard is a melanistic leopard, melanism is the opposite of albanism. There have always been reports of such animals around Kenya but it was just now confirmed. Click here to read more!

Tiger Found in Abandoned Home! 

An anonymous tip was reported to the Houston police when they found a tiger in an abandoned Houston home. The tip came from someone who reportedly had gone to the house to smoke marijuana. They thought they were hallucinating when they saw the tiger but decided to call it in. The tiger was found in a cage they was not very secure at the time. The appropriate authorities were then called to transport the animal. The Humane Society stated that the tiger would be quarantined for two weeks before being released to its new home, a five-acre wooded habitat. The authorities also said the tiger seemed to be in good health and was calm considering the situation.

Lara Cottingham said,

“It is not legal to own any kind of exotic wildlife in the City of Houston, including tigers. Unfortunately, sometimes people think it’s cool to have an exotic wild pet. It is really important that we try to discourage that from happening.

Click here to read more on the story.

Fish Fight with Sand! 




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