Wednesday Creature Feature ~ February 19, 2020


Annual Spaghetti and Meatball Fundraiser Draws Hundreds to Support Animal Shelter!

This benefit dinner was to raise money for Safe Harbor Humane Society. It was all you can eat for pretty much under $10! Now that’s a deal for a great cause.

Proceeds from the event help the nonprofit organization run its day-to-day operations, which include sheltering rescued animals, adoptions and caring for the animals’ health needs and well-being while at the shelter. Safe Harbor is located at 7811 60th Ave. in Kenosha.

The shelter also provides a number of programs and services for pet owners, such as low-cost spaying and neutering, vaccinations, stray animal pickup and euthanasia, among others.

Last year the shelter took in around 2,500 animals and helped organize hundreds of adoptions. Events like this every year are helping them reach their goal! Click here to learn more!

Bindi Irwin Performs an Ultrasound on a Spiny Dogfish Shark!


Two Future Guide Dogs Start their Training!






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