Wednesday Creature Feature ~ February 14, 2018


Revenge on Poacher ~ A Lion’s Tale

The luck was not on the side of a poacher in South Africa here recently. A lion in South Africa Kruger National Park was attacked by lions and unfortunately not much was left (we will save you the gory details). BBC News reported that it appeared the hunter was poaching in the game park when attacked. Lion poaching has been on the rise in Limpopo in the most recent years. Big cats are often used for medicinal purposes both in Africa and many other places around the world. To read more about the rising deaths of big cats in South Africa, click here!

Just Keep Swimming!

Minnow, a dog who’s fate was once destined for the worst is now getting a second chance. A dog meat farmer looking to get out of this terrible business was able to help free 23 dogs with the help of Humane Society International! This beautiful dog was once very shy and afraid but now has a new life thanks to the farmer who changed ways and set them free. To read more about Minnow’s happy ending, click here!


Every year thousands of dogs and even cats are snatched from streets still wearing their collars and are killed in the Yulin Dog Meat Festival. Even though this festival is still occurring animal activists are working really hard to put an end to this cruel event. Not all of these animals get happy endings like Minnow did. Click here to learn more about Yulin.

Happy Valentines Day ~ Chocolate Catastrophe 

With it being Valentine’s Day there is a high probability that your household will have chocolates lying around the house and this is great, just not for your pets. Chocolate is very toxic to dogs and could be a very serious medical emergency if they get into your heart shaped box of assorted chocolates. If your dog does eat chocolate call your veterinarian immediately or the Pet Poison Helpline, (855-764-7661) and monitor your pet closely. You can prevent them from eating the chocolate by simply putting it away and teaching your kids that it will make them sick if they eat it. To learn more, click here!







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