Wednesday Creature Feature ~ December 6, 2017



Drunk as a Skunk….er….a opossum?

In Fort Walton Beach, Fla – a opossum broke into a Florida liquor store, broke a bottle of bourbon, and finished it. A worker found the animal on a shelf next to a broken bourbon bottle and definitely was not acting normal! The worker said that the animal was disoriented, excessively salivating, and was pale. I am sure we would all be that way if we finished a whole bottle of bourbon. The staff gave the opossum plenty of liquids and watched after her until she sobered up. The opossum was then taken to a wildlife rescue center in Florida to be watched after for a while until she could be released. To read more on the story click here!

New Poll on Trophy Hunting!

A new poll surfaced not too long after Trump called trophy hunting a “horror show”. The poll was a nationwide survey showing that an overwhelming amount of American’s of all political backgrounds, and especially Republicans, agree that it is indeed a “horror show”.

People of every demographic background as well as groups in both major political parties showed a huge dislike of trophy hunting! The ban on trophy hunting imports have been on hold as Trump reviews it. To view specifics of the survey results click here!

Polar Bear Meets Dog!

A polar bear and a dog met in Manitoba, Canada for what seems like an unlikely friendship pairing. In the video you can see the polar bear gently stroking and nudging the dog. Click here to see the adorable pair!




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