Wednesday Creature Feature ~ December 5, 2018


Horse Found in California Swimming Pool! 

As wildfires were burning across southern California animals were trying to escape the flames anyway they could. One man found a horse tangled in the pool cover of his backyard pool. The horse had obviously been trying to get away from the fires but had ended up tangled in the cover. The owner of the pool helped the horse get untangled and after a few minutes of loving pets the horse walked away unharmed. Click here to see some more rescue pictures!

IU’s K-9 Happy FaceTime Call! 

An Indiana University Police Officer Ryan Skaggs was working in North Carolina at a basketball game last week and could not be with his dog as he normally is with him 24/7. It was his dogs third birthday and Ryan wanted to celebrate with Zeus anyway he could. What better way than FaceTime! Ryan said he felt really bad for not being able to be there but it was all worth it when Zeus ran happily around the house looking for him while on the video call. Click here to watch the adorable video!!!

Pets Welcoming their Owners Home! 






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