Wednesday Creature Feature ~ December 4, 2019


Woman Rescues injured Koala from Wildfire!

This story has really been making headlines the past month. A woman bravely rescues a koala from a blazing forest fire. In the video here, you can see her using her own shirt to wrap the koala up to take to safety. Once they are away from the flames she uses water to wet its paws from the burns and lets it drink some as well. The koala was then safely transported to a koala hospital. In Australia these flames have greatly threatened the population of koalas.

A cattle dog in Queensland has actually been trained to search and rescue injured koalas. The dog is also able to locate other small marsupials. This is a hero if we could name one. These koalas are amazing creatures. They can live anywhere up to 20 years usually and sleep about 18 hours a day. They also carry their young in their pouches. Click here to watch the rescue video and learn more.

Australian Hospital ‘overwhelmed’ Donations!

After the amazing rescue above it really led to a wide education about koalas and what they are going through. The Koala Hospital posted a GoFundMe to raise funds for an automatic drinking station for koalas when they are hydrated. Supporters from all across the world have come together to help them. They have currently raised over 1.4 million dollars! The hospital said that the fires destroyed over 75 percent of the koalas habitat.

“We are overwhelmed and humbled with gratitude for the support and care shown by people from all over the world for our efforts to care for koalas now and to try to ensure that we still have koalas for generations to come,” the hospital wrote on the page.

The organization said it plans to use the extra funds to buy more drinking fountains, purchase a fire-fighting water vehicle to replenish the water stations, support koala re-integration and develop a breeding program.







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